1847Founded that a Kingdom of North Italy

1847Founded the liberal newspaper ‘Risorgimento’ through which he pressed Charles Albert to grant a constitution (Statuto) in Piedmont and declare war on Austria in 1848. The failure of the war made Cavour realise that getting rid of Austrian influence was not going to be possible without the help of France.1852Worked his way up to Prime Minister and will be the one to lead the way to unification.1854Crimean war began. By participating in a war against Russia with Britain, Prussia and France Cavour hoped to get a place in the peace conference. Piedmont supplied troops, and by doing so hoped to raise their profile and put them on the map. This would’ve been in the interest of Cavour whose main goal was Piedmontese expansionism1856Treaty of Paris. The peace conference allowed Cavour to get Piedmont international publicity. It’s also where he would’ve met Napoleon III, the man whom he believed would be able to get rid of Austria to be able to create a Kingdom of North Italy.July 1858Cavour formed an alliance with the French to get rid of Austria. It was agreed that a Kingdom of North Italy would be created consisting of Piedmont, Lombardy and Venetia, Parma and Modena and the Papal Legations. The Kingdom of Two Sicilies was to stay the same. France would supply 200,000 troops and Piedmont 100,000 troops. Napoleon wanted Nice and Savoy in return, but Cavour was not willing to give away Nice. January 1859To help provoke Austria into war Cavour wrote an anti-Austrian speech for Victor Emmanuel to give at the opening of Parliament. This speech had little effect on the AustriansApril 1859Austria demanded Piedmont demobilise her army as they could not afford keeping their army ready for war. Cavour refused.29 April 1859Austria responded by declaring war. Neither France nor Piedmont kept their word from 1958 as France only supplied 100,000 out of a promised 200,000 troops, and Piedmont supplied 60,000 out of a promised 200,000 troops.12 July 1859Cavour resigned as Prime Minister due to France pulling out of the war.20 January 1860Cavour was reappointed as Prime Minister as he realised Treaty of Zurich and Peace of Villafranca was not going to be properly implemented by France and Britain as they weren’t committed to it. Cavour and Napoleon met again and Cavour decided to hand over Nice to Napoleon as long as he supported Piedmont’s annexation to Central Italy.March 1860Plebiscites in Tuscany and Emilia which agreed the annexation to Piedmont. The votes were rigged as it gave Victor Emmanuel control over a third of Italy and half of its populationApril 1860Plebiscites in Savoy and Nice which agreed the annexation of Nice and Savoy to France. 6 May 1860Cavour tried to stop Garibaldi’s crusade basically or another word that could be used is his exploration. This was because he didn’t want the south to be joined to the Kingdom he had recently acquired. He stooped Garibaldi’s order of 12,000 rifles. The attempts he made at stopping Garibaldi had to be done without quietly as Garibaldi was seen as a hero for nationalists and would lead to Cavour receiving bad publicity.13 May 1860Garibaldi declared himself leader of Sicily. Cavour was becoming increasingly worried that Garibaldi would work his way up to Naples, with his ultimate aim being Rome. The worry was that the French would respond to the opposition to Rome, and any conflict which arose out of it would lead to French victory.August 1860Cavour tried to enforce an alliance with King Francis II of Naples so that he would grant a constitution, and when Garibaldi was to arrive the locals would reject him. But Francis II refused as he would’ve been taking orders from Cavour if he agreed. Cavour then tried to prevent Garibaldi from crossing to the mainland, but the British navy refused to cooperate as they were sympathetic to Garibaldi’s expedition.11 September 1860Piedmontese troops invaded the Papal States with no objections from Napoleon III as long as they stayed away from Rome. Invading the Papal States was the only way Piedmont could ensure that it was safe from Garibaldi’s invasion.26 October 1860Garibaldi did not put up a fight against Piedmont and he handed over his conquests at Teano to Victor Emmanuel who became the first ‘King of Italy’March 1861Victor Emmanuel was officially declared King of Italy and Cavour died.