9)The children as they slept before the

9)The B-29 atomic bomb was detonated on August 6,1945 on Hiroshima,Japan that had about 245,000 residents.The majority of the city is demolished and thousands of citizens had died or had gotten injured.Those who had survived the bomb were dealing with the excruciating pain of burns and the radiation illness. Mrs Hatsuyo Nakamura was with her children as they slept before the bomb went off,when the bomb had exploded her and her children were underneath debris from their house.Miss Toshiko Sasaki was speaking with one of her coworkers before the explosion, when the bomb detonated she was blasted away from her desk and was trapped underneath a heavy bookcase and her leg was critically broken. The Reverend Kiyoshi Tanimoto had ran and took cover between two boulders and was struck by debris from nearby houses.Masakazu Fujii was a medical doctor whom was reading a book outside on the porch when he was ejected into the river nearby and pinned between two logs when the bomb detonated.Another doctor, Dr. Terufumi Sasaki, was at the Hospital at the time and he fell to the floor when the bomb was dropped. Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge was injured and woke up in the garden of the church. Each survivor frees themselves, search for loved ones, and help others along the way if possible.Dr.Sasaki works for 19 hours straight and helps over 10,000 injured patients in the hospital and becomes a machine-like man moving from patient to patient tending to their wounds.Dr.Fujii is wounded severely and attempts to help the nurses patch up other wounded.He later leaves to find his family’s home to find any sort of first aid supplies for himself and the patients.As time slowly goes by, order is restored but the scenes of misery and suffering are the main point of numerous news reporters.August 9,1945 the second bomb is dropped on Nagasaki then a few days later on August 15,1945 the Emperor has informed the citizens that Japan has surrendered. The doctors,such as Dr.Kleinsorge, Dr.Sasaki, and Dr.Fujii begin to find treatments and help other wounded patients as they deal with the pain and illnesses of radiation.After the war, the six major characters live their lives dealing with the effects of the atomic bomb and live to tell the world the horrific effects of the B-29 atomic bomb.