As associated with their early shift to

As the exploration of the highlighted areas
of teenage parenthood discourse continues, the stigmatised view of teenage
motherhood as pathological and morally unjust also continues, and that many
teenage mothers are percept by the people as having little to contribute to
society only because of their poor choices in life (McLeod, 2013). Pregnant and
parenting teens do not only encounter challenges associated with their early shift
to parenthood, but also are confronted with adverse attitudes of others ( Weed
and Nicholson, 2015). According to Culp-Ressler (2015), teenage mothers need
support and not stigmatization. Stigmatization only brings harm to the millions
of teen parent across the world. Teenage mothers are also facing multi-faceted
especially in meeting the needs of their own child and to satisfy their
responsibilities as they are still teenagers. Most importantly, they also need
support from peers who can help them to cope-up with their situation as a
parent by providing them with a sense of acceptance (Gyesaw and Ankomah, 2013).
Teenage parents’ are afraid of being judged by the society that they are in
because she performed sexual intercourse before marriage, an act that is
considered inappropriate since it involves the family’s moral integrity (Hoga,
et al., 2009). 

The usual initial reaction of parents in
learning about their child’s situation of being pregnant and are about to bear
a baby, include denial, guilt and anger. A lot of parents of a pregnant
adolescent view the situation as a negative reflection on their own parenting
skills. On the positive side, there are families who reach to the point of
accepting the situation and focusing their attention and energy more on
welcoming the baby and helping their own child to move forward with her life.
(Ezzel, N.D.)  It was found out that the
families actually provided support for the teen mothers in financial aspects
and other help whenever the young mother couldn’t provide their child’s need
(Fernandes, et al., 2012). 

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