Deconstructionism we are bringing our emotions and

enables us to study art history and put all preconceived ideas of how art is to
be interpreted, and focuses us to examine every detail of our relation to the
world, to our culture, and to each other. It’s use of semiotics (the study of
how meaning is created) has deepened our self-awareness as we are now conscious
of our signs and their power of manipulation. The viewer/reader is encouraged
to question traditional assumptions and prejudices and create their own ideas
to grow from. Deconstructionism gives us the freedom to use our intertext while
considering a piece of art. By doing this, we are bringing our emotions and
opinions in where we can examine ourselves and how we relate to the work we are
experiencing. If we realize that what was created was built by different
influences, then we can gain strength and insight when we look into a work that
really speaks to us.