Diversity in designs. Accepting diversity can guide

Diversity is showing a variety, something that is different. Diversity all around the world makes us unique, like how diversity makes every fashion piece unique, as their all different. Even though the diversity of fashion is different all around the world, studying at Ryerson will allow me to gain insight on the different diversities in the world of fashion. Diversity allows one to explore different cultures, and in Ryerson, one can learn these cultures from other students, and helps one become more accepting and knowledgeable of diversity. It allows one to understand the meaning of certain designs and material used in fashion, and why its used. First, diversity allows one to perceive different cultures, and how they interpret fashion, to accept and appreciate fashion around the world. Every culture has a diverse fashion statement, they all have different styles and meanings, so by learning these cultural fashions, it allows one to accept and appreciate the types of materials used in certain garments and the designs used, as they might have meaning to the garment. We should recognize the value of authentic cultural inspiration, and seek a variety of culturally inspired and diverse influences in designs. Accepting diversity can guide my study of fashion at Ryerson because I will be able to understand the meanings of different designs and materials used in garments made by the students. Ryerson will have a diverse number of students and administrators, and I will be able to learn from them, and how their culture affects the clothes they wear. I can gain more knowledge and experience from accepting diversity because it’ll allow me to understand other people’s fashion pieces, and can interpret a hidden meaning from it by the designs used, materials used, and if there is a cultural influence in there work. I will also be able to share my culture to other students who are interested, and explain to them why I use specific designs, material, etc…, relating to my fashion pieces. Secondly, one can gain insight and knowledge by learning about diversity in the business side of fashion. The fashion industry is slowly becoming more diverse, from embracing plus-size models to including various cultures, many fashion designers are developing open minds and progressing towards inclusiveness. Now that fashion has more diversity, especially in fashion events and advertisements, his leads designers realise that they need to appeal to a wider cross-section of buyers. This principle will guide my studies at Ryerson as I am also interested in the business side of fashion, and how designers sell their products to certain target audiences. Although, I know there are still flaws in the  diversity in the world of fashion, I want to learn how I can make a difference and change these flaws to impact society on how diversity is a beautiful thing. Diversity makes out world unique, without it, everything would be the same. Every piece of fashion is diverse and beautiful in it’s own way. By learning, accepting and appreciating the diversity shown through different fashion pieces, I will be able to gain inghit on how to find hidden meanings in other peoples arts. Also, diversity will allow me to impact society, on how their need to be more diversity in the fashion world, and to be able to sell products to everyone. Improving the visibility of various ethnic and cultural identities in the world of fashion guarantees not only diverse demographics to market to, but inclusion and recognition, without compromising the artistic integrity of designers with bland globalized influence upon their designs.