I will discuss some of the issues

I will be creating a combat game in unity. This game consists of
two characters as well as a bar on top that shows their energy level. As the
characters’ fight each other they lose energy on their power bar. The character
whose loses all their energy will lose the game.  The aim of the project is to create an application which allows the user to play a fighting game against the
computer.  I will be using the programming language C#
on unity game engine to develop the application. The game will include a main
screen and power bar. I have chosen to create a game in order to develop my
skills. After implementing the game, I will upload the game on the web in order
to test the performance.


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Unity is a game engine which has been made by Unity Technologies. It is
used to create 2D and 3D video games as well as simulations for many devices
such as computers, mobiles devices and consoles. The programming language used
for Unity is Javascript or C#. Unity also contains the functionality of drag
and drop where users are able to import characters, drag and drop characters as
well as the items in the scenarios. Games which are developed on unity can be supported
by various platforms includes PlayStation, windows, mac, PS vita, Android TV
and many more.    


Scripting languages.

Unity uses three scripting languages that are Boo, Javascipt or C#. I
would use the language C# as I would like to expand my knowledge in programming
specifically C#. Mixing the three languages is possible in the same script
since all those languages share the same API which is under the Novell
sponsored Mono project.






















Background and Literature Review

This literature review will be discussing the brief history of video
games. It will then talk about similar and existing applications to the one
currently being developed at the moment. Furthermore, the advantages and
disadvantages of the similar and existing applications will be discussed.

Additionally, the literature review will discuss some of the issues which users
come across when they play video games. This will include performance issues
and will talk about different types of performance issues. Lastly, it will
cover how the project currently being developed will be different from the
existing applications already available.


Brief History of video games

Game is a video game
application where one player or more make choices by directing game objects as
well as resources in order to achieve goal. Video games have been around since
1971 when the first game was introduced. It was a commercial arcade video game
that was known as Computer Space which was developed by Nutting Associates. In
1972, a new video game was announced to the arcades. This game was called pong
and was the first successful video game at the arcade. https://electronics.howstuffworks.com/video-game2.htm

After that several
games have been made and released into the arcade. In 1983, the company
Nintendo release their first console called Nintendo entertainment system and
in that same year the first video game to feature laser disc tech, Rick Dyer’s
Dragon Lair came out in Japan and the United States.

From 1983 video
games have become evidently popular. Not only are they gaining great importance
for entertainment but also for education as well as health care and business.

Companies such as Sony, Nintendo, Sega and etc have released with video games
which can be played on many hardware devices including personal computer, handheld
devices and consoles such as Playstation and Xbox.



Nowadays the
expectations for Web applications specifically online video games have become
tremendously popular over the years. Unfortunately, with the amount of web
applications, problems regarding web application are unavoidable. There have
been articles and studies showing and stating the common problems that cause
performance issues in web application.


Performance issues

Performance issues are issues which
occurred during a process of completed a given task. It leads to a huge issue
when there is a pattern of unmet expectations. One issue in the task can cause
severe problems.   There are several
types of performance issues which includes the quality and quantity of work.

The performance issues could occur in a workplace and web applications.  The reasons include quality of the work as
well as the quantity of the work produced by the individual.


Types of performance


Workplace performance issues

Workplace performance issues are one of
the long, money-draining issue that the businesses have to deal with. Due to
workplace issues it slows down the output, badly affects the standards and
influences customer service morals and take up the valuable time of the HR
managers as well as the professionals. 
Performance issues can ultimately lead to the closure of the task or
operation which would lead to additional recruiting and hiring costs.    Workplace performance issues can be labeled
in one of the many areas including lack of communication, unreasonable
expectations, personal problems or the employee could be unhappy in the


Web application

A web application is a program which is
kept on a remote server and send over the internet through a browser interface.



Poorly written code.

Web applications comes across many
issues because of poorly written code. Due to poorly written code it could lead
to inefficient algorithms, application deadlocks as well as memory leaks.

Another problem which may lead the performance down is the old version of
software and the integrated legacy systems.












Similar Games

section below will review different versions of the fighting game which I will
be creating. It will also talk about the similarities and differences between
the applications and the original game. In addition, it will discuss the
performance and the quality of each of these applications. The last part of the
section will discuss how the application currently being developed will be different
from the applications that already exists.





Heavyweight Champ

The first video game was
a boxing video game known as Heavyweight Champ released by Sega in 1976. The
graphics has black and white graphics and features hand to hand fighting. In
1987, Sega announced a remake to arcades. The two games have special control
which simulate throwing real punches. Unfortunately, the game is known as a
lost video game.




















is a combat video game which was made and published in 1994 by Namco which are
now known as Bandai Namco Entertainment. Tekken was one the of few combat games
to use 3D animation at the time. The gameplay system for Tekken consists of
block, throws, escapes and ground fighting.  
This game lets the player fight either against the computer or another
player as well as letting player to choose a character listed in the game and
giving them the options who the scene they would like to fight in. Players are
then able to engage in hand to hand combat with an opponent until the health of
an opponent runs out which means that they lost. There is also a time limit
during the game and when it expires, the character with more health remaining
will be the winner. There are many Tekken games, from the first original game
to the latest Tekken game which is Tekken 7. Comparing the original Tekken game
to the latest Tekken game the graphics have definitely improved as well as the
user response time and the attacks of the characters. Over time some of the Tekken
games has evolution from an electronic device to an online application and
mobile application. The evolution of the game has benefited many users who want
to play the game because the user will not need to carry a huge device and
instead can play the game on their mobile phone or PS vita. Some of the Tekken
games can be played on mobile phones, PS vita and on a personal computer.  Comparing Tekken to the first original
fighting game the quality of the game has definitely improved as well the user
interface and the speed of the game. An advantage of this application is that it gives options as to what characters
they would like to use to fight as well where they would like to fight.  Another advantage about tekken compared to

The options that are given for the sound
are piano, marimba and the original sound of bugle. Another difference between
this application and the original Simon is that the application allows the user
to decide what speed they would like to play the game at. The options of speed
that are given are auto-speed, easy, medium, hard and insane.














Street fighter

Street fighter is a combat video game
which had been published and developed by Capcom.  There had been many versions of this game
created throughout the decade. The original one came out in 1987. This game has
two players who battled in a martial arts tournament or in 5 other countries.  


This application can be played on both
playstation and online.


The methodology used for this project would be the incremental
development approach. This methodology is a technique in which the model is
designed, implemented and tested incrementally until the final product is
completed. It includes both development
and maintenance. The product is defined as completed when it fulfills all of
its needs.

Incremental Model



30th Oct (5h): On this date I began planning the
project and researching what I will need to do to develop the game.  I installed the software, Unity game engine
and did research on the programming languages that can be used on this engine
which were javascript, boo and C# programming languages. The programming
language I had decided to use is C# so I began watching various Youtube videos
on the fundamentals of C#. I also read a unity book which explains in detail
what I will need to do and add to make the game.


I did research
on the platform which would be best suited for this game to work on and have
chosen to use the web to test the game.



5th Nov (10h): I started planning out the project and
learning how to start the program and use it. I did more research on which
components to use and watched lectures on C# programming language.




16th Nov (2h): This week I researched on how to import
characters of the program and I did research on how to implement the code to
allow the character to move.



22nd Nov (5h): This week I used the program and got
more of an understanding of how unity works.