In culminating in improving lives and education

In 2005, New Orleans was hit with one of the worst hurricanes ever recorded. Extensive damage and horrific deaths swept through the city just as quickly as the winds blew. What had once been an eccentric and lively city was flooded and destroyed in a matter of days. As weeks, and months past, the city was still in disrepair and needed help. Being in the heart of New Orleans, Tulane was also severely affected by this storm. Just as orientation was beginning, so was the storm. For days Katrina blasted Tulane’s whatever and whatever, leaving its once beautiful campus in pieces. At a time when it would have been so easy to focus on repairing their own campus, students and staff alike worked to help the surrounding community. Without Tulane’s presence the city would have taken much longer to stand back on its feet. Tulane was open the following spring semester; pushing through the immense struggles they had faced. I love the strong relationship Tulane continues to have with its community from commiting hours of community service to internships around the city.                                                                                                                                                        Having the opportunity to work with those outside of my school is something I look forward to. Tulane’s strong, interactive campus community really appeals to me as it is something I have loved taking part in during high school. As a Co-president of Schools for Africa, I oversaw the fundraising of $10,000 dollars to build a water system in Cameroon. I am ecstatic that my three years as a member is culminating in improving lives and education for those in need. Whether it was fundraising, filling out forms, or discussing the Pound to CFA Franc exchange rate with the school’s business director, I found the experience of earning, investing, and ultimately donating thousands of dollars to solidify my love for business.The Freeman School of Business will be the ideal place for me to increase my professionalism and develop my leadership in community development. The TIDES, More Than Just Business program, is exactly what I am interested in, and is a class open to freshman, unlike any other school offers. During my economics class at UMass Amherst I learned of the factors that influence business decisions and I can’t wait to learn more in this class. Furthermore, the Finance program offered through Tulane at the University of Bologna perfectly aligns with my love of Italy and finance. I know I would succeed in my program because of my background in Italian and economics classes at UMass Amherst. I belong at Tulane because of my strong work ethic and passion for school community that is a common denominator to all Tulane students. The strong academics and reputation of Tulane combined with the camaraderie of its students makes it the right place for me. Next year, I hope to be sitting in the crowds being a part of the Green Wave, but even more so, I hope to be writing Tulane on my resume.