In have certain regulations when it comes

In California, Proposition 64 had
passed with high numbers of people who had voted for it. TIME Magazine states, “By
a margin of about 56% to 44%, voters passed Proposition 64,

California the fifth state to legalize recreational pot…” Now that weed is
legal in California for both medical and recreational use, the federal
government is on top of it. States are making sure that they have certain regulations
when it comes to dispensaries. If not it can open a mess for the state allowing
federal to intervene. It seems that Attorney General Jeff Sessions putting more
pressure on the states with the power of his position. Sessions expresses, “I
don’t think America is going to be a better place when people of all ages, and
particularly young people, are smoking pot,” WASHINGTON. Minors do tend to get
a hold of the drug and it is spreading. States have the responsibility to hold
on to their regulations and keep it out of the hands of the minors. With
Sessions not making it clear on his actions, federal law can still interfere
with the marijuana industry. Marijuana is an illicit drug even if the state
legalized it.

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