Investigated road safety database allows to decrease

Investigated the traffic
accident using data mining techniques that could possibly decrease the rate of
the road accidents. using road safety database allows to decrease the death by
implementing road safety programs at local and national level 1

Krishnaveni and Hemalatha
2 they worked with a classification model to predict the injury that occurred
during the road accidents. Naive Bayes Bayesian classifier, AdaBoostM1 Meta
classifier, PART Rule classifier, J48 Decision Tree classifier, and Random
Forest Tree classifier are associated for classifying the type of injury
severity of many road accidents.

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Amira, Pareek, and Araar
3 they applied association rule on the data set of traffic accidents which
was gathered from Dubai Traffic office, UAE. after the step of information
processing they use association rule to the dataset to investigate the
connection between the recorded accidents and factor of accidents. They use an
Apriori algorithm to predict the data and the relationship between factors to
identify the real cause of the accidents

The police force also
interests in this area of road accident .by the survey and other facts they
came to know that the main cause of the road accidents in the West Midland area
is drunk drivers. Drink driving causes an increased risk of road accidents and
therefore a continuous decrease is required if traffic accidents are to be
reduced for this purpose they use data mining techniques they use association
and classification techniques for this purpose 4

Geurts et al Data mining
technique is used to extract patterns and to identify the real relevant facts
that give a better understanding of the accident patterns. Data mining
technique using association rules to achieve descriptive analysis of accident
data is used. The Author has used association rule to identify the real cause
of the accidents with the factors of the accidents. These patterns have been
analyzed and compared with characteristics of accidents