The concern about the warnings mentioned on

survey was conducted and level of awareness about consumer rights and
responsibilities including general awareness was judged on the following


Who the consumer is i.e are you a consumer or a customer

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What they look into a products packet (MRP/Expiry or Manufacturing

Do they really check the warnings mentioned on the pack or ignore

Do they check for the ingredients

Do they check for the quality assurance marks

Do they really know about consumer forums


study gave very poor findings as the students were not aware about most of the
things. The students were not aware that who the consumer is and who he
customer is. They are least concerned about the MRP as the money is paid by
their parents. They were looking for something very attractive on the packet of
the product rather they look for manufacturing date or expiry date. They are
hardly concern about the warnings mentioned on the product. They are just
supposed to use the product. They don’t even take pains in knowing that what
all ingredients are used to make this product. Quality assurance marks and logo
knowledge was bare minimum. And lastly, they don’t even know that if the
product or service is not upto their satisfactions then they can complaint
about the same to which authority.

these responses can be very well and easily be understand by the help of graphs
shown in the below figures.


figure 1 gives a very pathetic response about the awareness of the students
regarding to know that they are customer or consumer. The survey showed that
44% of student know that one who purchase a product is a consumer whereas 34%
says that one who pays for the product is a consumer. Only 17% are aware about
the exact meaning of the consumer.