Training out. There are many types of

is the process of altering employee behaviours and attitudes in a way that
increases the probability of goal attainment. Training programs are useful for
so many reasons. Starbucks has support centers all around the globe that allow
their workers to in home country as well as working outside their home country.
in Malaysia apply the Polycentric MNC basic philosophic positions in the local
shops. Polycentric means that Starbucks put local nationals in key positions
and allows these managers to appoint and develop their own people. Starbucks’
headquarter gives the subsidiary managers the authority to manage their
operations simply because these managers are familiar with the local culture
and language compared to managers from the US.  Since
Starbucks in Malaysia apply the polycentric philosophy, rather than doing all
the training at the Starbucks’ headquarter in the US, local Starbucks will rely
completely on local managers to assume responsibility for seeing that the
training function is carried out. There are many types of multinational
training programs. In Starbucks Malaysia, they have a training program called
Learning and Development. This training program includes barista basics
training, shift supervisor training, retail management training, and district
manager program. These trainings allow their workers to grow and learn new
things about the job, themselves, as they develop into new position.  Highlights of the training programs provided by Starbucks
Malaysia: Barista
basics training provides the initial training for a newly hired barista on
essential skills and basic knowledge required to the barista role at Starbucks.
They will learn the use of simple and intuitive tools plus, they will earn
barista skills through one-to-one delivery and on-the-job training. These
trainings are highly effective for new baristas to quickly enhance their
confidences and competencies in delivering customer service. This also help to
ensure that the baristas act in accordance with Starbucks guiding principles.  As
a shift supervisor manager, Starbucks provided a program that focuses on the
basics of people management to the managers which include training new
partners, supervisory skills, floor supervision, cash controller
responsibilities, ensuring the delivery the Starbucks Experience and a whole
lot more. From this program, Starbucks also include training on the manager’s
responsibilities for running a shift and other additional responsibilities such
as supporting the store manager in running an effective store. This training
program is a combination of classroom and in-store training. The
Retail Management Training Program provide training for retail manager on
effective management practice. Through this program, Starbucks includes on
motivation, delegation, problem solving, improving performance, managing
working experience and maximizing profits into the training. The program uses a
combination of classroom and in-store training and application for the
training. The
District Manager Program is a foundational training program that prepares a new
district manager to be successful in their role. This foundational training
required the manager to participate in a program for fifteen-week. This
training combines paper and online training modules, in-store skill practice as
well as one-to-one delivery.